Hillsboro Lighthouse History

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March - Congress authorizes the Secretary of Treasury (Thomas Corwin) to convene a board composed of 2 high-ranking navel officers, 2 army engineering officers, a civilian 'of high scientific attainment' and a junior officer of the navy to act as secretary of the board. The conclusions and recommendations of the deficiencies of the current lighthouse situation in the United States led to Congress establishing the United States Lighthouse Board.


The United States Lighthouse Board is established with 9 members.


The United States Lighthouse Board authorizes an inspection of all existing lighthouses and survey all navigable inlet on the eastern seaboard. The Army Corp of Engineers determined that the Hillsboro Inlet be designated as hazardous to safe navigation of vessels. A recommendation was made to Congress to authorize fund to design and construct a lighthouse at or in the vicinity of the Hillsboro Inlet. But, due to lack of funds, no congressional action was taken.


Geodetic Survey Team is commissioned to study the area for a potential lighthouse.


Geodetic Survey Team’s first request for a lighthouse is submitted in 1886.


A bill is introduced in Congress by Florida Representative Robert W. Davis to build a lighthouse at Hillsboro Inlet. According to the bill, “This light is very much needed by vessels bound through the Florida straits into the Gulf of Mexico or to the island of Cuba. Its erection will complete the chain of lights which extend from Jupiter Inlet to Tortugas, so that the navigator can make one light before losing sight of another.”


Congress authorizes construction of the lighthouse at a cost not to exceed $90,000.00, but no appropriation was made at that time. The project was put on hold pending allocation of government funds.


June 28 - An Act of Congress approves $45,000.

District 7 & 8 Engineer William Craighill tasked with the creation of the Hillsboro Light House Station


March 3 - A second Act of Congress approves $25,000.


March 3 - A third Act of Congress approves $20,000.

August 24-26 - Dept. of Treasury buys approximately 3 acres of land at the inlet from Mary and Frank Osborn (1/2 interest) as co-executors of the estate of Ezra A. Osborn and Elnathon T. Field (1/2 interest) for $150.00 each.

Deed states: Unit name is Hillsboro Inlet Light Station for the purpose of a lighthouse.


Russell Wheel and Foundry Co. of Detroit, Michigan awarded the contract for a skeletal lighthouse of 136 feet high to the lens room and a total of 147 feet at its highest point.

The official description of the the lighthouse is: 'The structure is an octagonal, pyramidal cast iron skeleton tower with a central stair cylinder; the lower third of the structure is painted white; the upper two-thirds are painted black. There are three white one-and-one-half story light-keepers dwellings in a row, about 100 feet northward of the light tower and a red brick oil-house stands about 50 feet to the westward of the tower. There is also a boathouse near the inlet with boatways 60 feet long.'

Barbier Benard et Turenne, of Paris, France awarded contract for lens and turning mechanism. The second order lens height is 8 feet in diameter, Rated at 550,000 candle power for a cost not to exceed $7,250.

G.W. Brown Construction of West Palm Beach, Florida awarded the contract to build 5 buildings for a cost of $21,500. The buildings are: 3 houses, 1 oil-house and 1 barracks.


lighthouse at foundrylighthouse at foundry

(circa 1906 - at Detroit foundry)

Lighthouse is completed, inspected, and approved for service in Detroit.

January - The lighthouse is disassembled and shipped via Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Mississippi River, Gulf Mexico, around Key West, and north to the Hillsboro Inlet - for a total of 4,000 Nautical-Miles.

The lens is shipped from Paris, France to Miami, Florida and then north to the Hillsboro Inlet.

J.H. Gardner Construction Co. of New Orleans, Louisiana awarded the contract for clearing the land-laying foundation, re-assembling and erection for a cost of $16,792.

at foundry - close uplighthouse at foundry - close up

(circa 1906 - at Detroit foundry)


lighthouse 1907lighthouse 1907

(circa 1907 - one of the first know pictures of the installed lighthouse)

The grounds, buildings, lens and lighthouse are thoroughly inspected by the Corps of Engineers and is finally authorized for service by Major MacQuirth, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Head Engineer, Eighth Engineering District.

Hillsboro Inlet Light House Station is placed in District 7.

Lighthouse (head) keeper and two assistant keepers arrive. First keeper Capt. Burghell with 2 assistants. The Lighthouse Keepers are given the title of Captain.

March 07 - Berghell, Samuel Alfred Alexander (went by Alfred) - Keeper
Keys, Henry Augustus, 1st Asst.
Thompson, Robert Hamilton, 2nd Asst.
-head keeper $800/year, 1st A $550, 2nd A $500

March 08 - Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse first illuminated and placed into service under the jurisdiction of the United States Lighthouse Board.

The light is provided by an incandescent Oil Vapor Lamp (similar to a “Coleman Mantle Lamp”) in a revolving Second Order Fresnel Lens. The rotation flash of the light is set to a 10 second period.


March 18 - Henry Keys resigns or possibly terminated

March 25 - Albury, Thomas Eldridge, assigned as 1st assistant lighthouse keeper.

May 31 - Robert Thompson transferred back to Fowey Rocks (his previous assignment) possibly due to his wife, Julia Frow Thompson, being the daughter & sister of the Keeper's there.

June 12 - Curry, Samuel Robert Austin (went by Austin) assigned as 2nd assistant lighthouse keeper.

December 27 - Keeper Berghell hires Frank Carron as a substitute keeper to fill in for Albury (reason unknown) until the 30th.


February 07 - Thomas Albury resigns.

March 06 - Lopez, Clifton Harry assigned as 1st assistant lighthouse keeper.

June 21 - Austin Curry transferred to Fowey Rocks lighthouse.

June 21 - Eugene Hardy fills in for departing Curry. Stays on till July 1.

July 10 - Behringer, Harvey E. assigned as 2nd assistant lighthouse keeper.

August 26 - Berghell and family go to dentist in Palm Beach. At the Station, Lopez and a visiting brother get into an argument. Clifton shoots 3 times at his brother (didn't hit him). Upon returning, Berghell apprised of incident, tells Lopez his brother must leave. Clifton asks to escort his brother back to Key West and is approved. They depart the following day. Eugene Hardy brought back as substitute keeper to fill vacancy. Hardy stays on until September 16.

September 07 - Berghell receives letter from Lopez announcing his resignation.

September 16 - Pinder, Ramon assigned as 1st assistant lighthouse keeper.
Incidentally Pinder was the grandfather of future HLPS founding member Dr. Raymond McAllister.


Federal Department transfer, USLHE (Revenue) USLHS (Commerce).

March 31 - Harvey Behringer transferred to Pensacola lighthouse.
Shanahan, Michael L. assigned as 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper

July 08 - Michael Shanahan is transferred to Alligator Reef lighthouse.
Willie Marshall Sharit assigned as 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper

September 01 - Light House District 6 and 7 altered to ease quarterly inspection travels. Hillsboro moved to 6th District. District 6 Inspector HA Field appears to dislike Keeper Berghell, dismisses correspondence in regards to Sharit's insubordination.

September 17 - Ramon Pinder resigns

October 20 - Nauman, George Burnham assigned as 1st assistant lighthouse keeper.
Nauman was a grandson of Mills Olcott Burnham and cousin of Thomas Knight. Would temporarily be misguided by Sharit.

engineering drawingengineering drawing

(Engineering drawing of lighthouse tower)

site survey 1915site survey 1915

(circa 1915 - Site Survey)


April 17 - Sharit has been confrontational, insubordinate, negligent, gets caught in a lie and threatens Berghell with a boat hook. He doesn't attack, but later when discussing the incident Nauman argues with Berghell, pulls a knife, but after Berghell tell him that he will "break his head" if he tried. Nauman doesn't attack, but has been performing his duties very poorly with increasing occurrences.

April 24 - Sharit goes to Pompano to retrieve a Justice of the Peace and jury, uses false allegations against Berghell, brings group to Station. Berghell states he would gladly stand trial, but Watch is about to begin and he has two assistants that he can not trust to patch a leaky valve, therefore he can not leave the Station for even a moment.

When reported to, Field dresses down Berghell for not keeping up morale at Station, despite all of Berghell's reports about the incidents, Field doesn't discipline Sharit until this day. It appears only reason Field believes Berghell is that for over a month a work crew has been replacing rusted out sway-bars on the lighthouse, and the foreman and crew validate Berghell's statement.

May 07 - Sharit, after being confined to the reservation deserts Station, never receives letter of termination which was written the day previous.

June 03 - Nauman too ill to take Watch, Berghell hires local (name unknown) to fill in. Substitute remains on site until the 10th when Nauman returned.

July 05 - After receiving no assistance from Inspector, being assigned several sub-par assistants, forced to house & feed work crew, being ignored in his correspondence requesting help, being accused of being unable to keep up morale and possibly not fit for service, Berghell has enough. Writes letter announcing resignation due effective July 31.

July 15 - Corcoran, John T. assigned as 2nd assistant lighthouse keeper. Arrives into a bad situation.

August 01 - Alfred Berghell's resignation in effect.
Knight, Thomas assigned as Keeper.

September 23 - John Corcoran transferred to Cape Romain lighthouse.

December 03 - Meyer, Lawrence F. assigned as 2nd assistant lighthouse keeper.

picnic at beachpicnic at beach

(circa 1910's - Picnic on beach)


December 19 - Lawrence Meyer resigns.


January 12 - Davis, Joseph Burrell assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.


January 21 - Joesph Davis resigns.

February 13 - Munn, Frederick William assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.


February 12 - George Nauman, after serving probation for his false testimony against Berghell rebuilt his name and reputation within the Service, transfers to Mosquito (Ponce) Inlet lighthouse.

February 18 - Minges, John Henry assigned 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper.

August 07 - Frederick Munn resigns.
McCreary, William Edwin assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.

December 21 - William McCreary resigns.


January 11 - Davis, Joseph Burrell assigned as 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper, begins second tenure.

April 25 - John Minges transferred to Charleston, SC Depot. Begins tenure as an Additional Keeper (temporary helper), would return to Hillsboro in that capacity.

June 26 - Malloy, Clarence assigned 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper.


November 25 - Joseph Davis transferred to Mosquito (Ponce) Inlet lighthouse.

December 17 - Nivens, Robert assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.

December 18 - Clarence Malloy transferred to St. Augustine lighthouse.


January 22 - Heisser, Reinhard assigned as 1st assistant lighthouse keeper.

April 30 - Thomas Knight asks for and is transferred to Jupiter Inlet lighthouse believing his children would receive a better education there.
Seabrook, Charles Franklin assigned as lighthouse Keeper.

May 10 - Robert Nivens resigns.

May 11 - Powell, Jessie E. assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.

Knight family agree transfer was a mistake. Knight travels back to Hillsboro, talks with Seabrook who agrees to travel with Knight to Jupiter for possible swap. Seabrook agrees, as does District Inspector.

October 16 - Charles Seabrook transfers to Jupiter Inlet lighthouse & has long career as Keeper there.
Knight, Thomas resumes position as Keeper at Hillsboro Inlet lighthouse.

November 11 - Reinhard Heisser transferred to Mosquito (Ponce) Inlet.
Jessie Powell is promoted to 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper.

November 20 - Davis, Dossy Morris assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper. He is brother-in-law to future Hillsboro lighthouse assistant Clarence King.

north view from lighthousenorth view from lighthouse

(circa 1919 - View to north from atop the lighthouse)


May 20 - Thomas Knight had transformed his storehouse into a 1 room school house, made the desks, benches and added another window for more light. He also meets with Superintendent of Public Instruction to have teacher assigned. 1st session of lighthouse school opens with teacher Emma Hoff. Students include children from lighthouse and fishing camp across the Inlet. Hoff would live with the Knight's for the term.

September 16 - Jessie Powell departs station (uncertain if resigned or transferred.)

October 3 - Former Assistant John Henry Minges returns as Additional Keeper; departs November 1.

October 29 - Phelps, Guthrie "Gus," assigned 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper.

October 31 - Dossy Davis transferred to St. Augustine lighthouse.

November 04 - Isler, Judson "Judge" Becton assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.

assistant keepers uniformassistant keepers uniform

(circa 1910's - Assistant Keeper's Uniform)

view of lighthouse groundsview of lighthouse grounds

(circa 1910's - view of lighthouse grounds from Wahoo bay area)

benjamin franklin stonebenjamin franklin stone

(Benjamin Franklin Stone)


May 07 - Knight and Isler save lighthouse station from wildfire by removing all vegetation in a 10' path from canal to beach, digging down 1 - 2' and doing a back burn to eliminate all fuel from fire. Project was completed in one day and fire died when it reached remains of back burn.


Herbert Malcolm purchases property next to lighthouse reservation with plans to open Lake Placid School, winter term location; is impetus for name of body of water across canal.


July 04 - Gus Phelps transferred to St. Augustine lighthouse.

July 17 - King, Clarence assigned 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper. Is brother-in-law of former keeper Dossy Davis.

Lake Placid School holds 1st winter term. Lighthouse school still holding terms with a different teacher every session.


April 30 - Clarence King resigns. Would join the Ft. Lauderdale Fire Dept. becoming Chief on 2 occasions. Ellis Knight, a son of Thomas and Fannie, would serve under King in the Fire Service.

May 29 - Stone, Benjamin Franklin assigned 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper. His wife Annie Jane returns to Georgia, brings younger sister Minnie Mae Dowling to live with them, and attend lighthouse school. She would marry Burnham Knight, a son of Thomas and Fannie in 1927.


Hand turned swing bridge over Inlet opens. Lighthouse school ended as any lighthouse kids now take bus to Pompano.

Herbert Malcolm, never interested in being a teacher anyway, closes school due to lack of draw. He purposely built extra rooms for parents to have a place to stay if they chose to visit. Interest from those parents spurs him to remodel and open again as a very exclusive resort, the Hillsboro Club. Many wives and children of lighthouse keepers would work for Malcom over the years.


February 15 - Ben Stone resigns, but remains in Pompano.

April 01 - Heisser, Reinhard assigned 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper.

April 04 - Reinhard Heisser resigns.

April 14 - Knight was too ill to work beginning on the 11th. Stone was fortunately still in the area and returns as a Substitute Keeper

April 30 - Substitute keeper Stone relieved by Relief Keeper Thomas H Watts who stayed until November 1.

Eugene Theodore "Cap" Knight, brother of Thomas opens store across inlet on peninsula between the ocean and Wahoo Bay.

inlet 1926inlet 1926

(circa 1926 - inlet beach: showing hurricane damage)

Major hurricanes caused havoc at the station with downed trees, torn roof and small boats stranded on land.

November 23 - Judge Isler promoted to 1st Assistant lighthouse keeper.
Swain, David Wilson assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.


After the hurricanes of 1926 and 1928, Cap abandons store due to poor location against the elements. Teams up with Al Hassis, purchase a barge used by Henry Flagler's crew that helped build the Overseas Railroad, and in Cap fashion anchors up in Hillsboro Inlet on a sandbar. State of Florida officials step in and Cap moves barge to present day site. The duo build the 'Club Unique,' a name only Cap seems to like. Everyone else refer to it as "Cap's Place" and the name sticks.


Heavy stone breakwater installed from base of the lighthouse to ocean 260 ft. long to stabilize land point.

inlet beach 1930sinlet beach 1930s

(circa 1930's)

March 17 - Swain too ill to work. (Chauncy) Richard Knight, son of Thomas, hired as substitute. Stays on till the 24th.

August 5 - Sisson, Charles assigned as Additional Keeper to help paint lighthouse. Length of stay unknown.



October 14 - David Swain transferred to Hunting Island lighthouse.

October 15 - Sorensen, Blickler Bartaline "B.B." assigned 2nd Assistant lighthouse keeper.


February 26 - Lighthouse electrified with three 250 watt bulbs. Time signature changed from 1 flash every 10 seconds to 1 flash every 20 seconds.


January 19 - B.B. Sorensen transferred to South Pass Jetty lighthouse. 2nd Assistant position eliminated.


Former Keepers home and storehouse sold at auction to Herbert Malcolm for $151. Both structures are moved across property line, sit side-by-side facing ocean.

July 31 - O'Hagan, David Cowie assigned as Additional Keeper to help paint lighthouse; departs August 16 for Ponce Inlet lighthouse.


April 18 - O'Hagan, David Cowie assigned as Additional Keeper to help paint lighthouse; departs June 1 for Ponce Inlet lighthouse, but returns June 11. Task is completed September 14.

May 31 - Fannie Knight passes away.


June 30 - O'Hagan, David Cowie assigned as Additional Keeper to help paint lighthouse, departure date is uncertain.


December 31 - Due to failing health Thomas Knight retires as Keeper. He earned many commendations for rescues at sea of ships and sea planes. He also earned several coveted Efficiency Stars.


January 01 - Stone, Benjamin Franklin assigned as Keeper of lighthouse.

joe the alligatorjoe the alligator

(circa 1937 - Joe the alligator brought by Stones from Cape Canaveral lighthouse)


February 8 - Thomas Knight passes away in Pompano.


June 10 - Isler needs to temporarily leave station. R.S. Hamilton fills in as Relief Keeper; stays on till the 25th.

July 07 - Federal Department transfer, USLHS (Commerce) to USCG.
All lighthouse keepers are offered to remain civilians employed by the USCG or join the USCG. Entering would provide better pay and benefits, but has mandatory retirement age at 70. Ben Stone opts to join Coast Guard. All keepers (referred to as Officer In Charge) after this date are Coast Guard service men.

July 22 - Due to his age (69), Judge Isler retires as the last civilian lighthouse keeper at Hillsboro Inlet.

lighthouse 1930slighthouse 1930s

(circa 1930's - Lighthouse tower with radio tower)


August 01 - Stone departs station for medical treatment in Savannah, GA.

August 02 - Otto Quentin Fisher arrives to fill in for Stone; stays until September 12.

October 20 - Due to Ben Stone's failing health, Harlie Fleming named temporary Officer In Charge (OIC).

October 31 - Ben Stone forced to retire due to health condition. When his health improved he would rejoin as a civilian employee working on diesel engines in Key West.

November 19 - Bennett, Warren Boatswain Mate 1 assigned OIC (Keeper).

November 21 - Harlie Fleming transferred.


May 16 - Hillsboro Lighthouse is dimmed from 750 watt bulbs to 50 watts due to WWII.


March 20 - First broadcast of new radio beacon signal. All stations assigned a Morse code letter, Hillsboro is "Q" represented by 2 dashes, 1 dot and 1 dash. Signal emitted 6x/hour. Ships used signal to help triangle position before GPS.

August 28 - Hillsboro Lighthouse light is fully restored.


October 01 - Warren Bennett transferred to Norfolk.
King, William T. Boatswain Mate 1 assigned as OIC (Keeper).

inlet 1950sinlet 1950s

(circa 1950's - aerial view of lighthouse)


June 18 - William King transferred.
Willimans, Bryant Joseph Boatswain Mate 1 assigned as OIC (Keeper).


February 02 - Bryant Willians transferred to cutter Poinciana in Miami.
Childs, John S. Jr. Boatswain Mate 1,assigned as OIC (Keeper)


July 08 - John Childs Jr. transferred.
Miller, Clarence L. "Bob", Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper)

service men and womenservice men and women

(circa unknown - service men at lighthouse)


January 02 - Bob Miller transferred.
Edelkamp, William A., Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


August 31 - William Edelkamp transferred.
Tucker, Frank, Boatswain Mate 2, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


December 31 - Frank Tucker transferred.
Evdokimoff, John D., Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).

service men and womenservice men and women

(circa unknown - service men at lighthouse)


May 20 - John Evdokimoff transferred to the Customs House in New London, CT.
Thurston, Donald Fred, Boatswain Mate 2, assigned as OIC (Keeper). Family brings two dogs, Rebel and Beaver.


March 23 - Donald Thurston transferred to Michigan. Family not allowed to take dogs with so they remain behind as station mascots.
Warren, Frank, Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper), promises to take care of Rebel and Beaver. At an unknown point Rebel passes away first.


February 01 - Frank Warren transferred.
Lloyd, John David Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).

3-250W bulbs are replaced with one 1,000 increasing power to 5.5 million CP and a range of 28 NM.


(lighthouse bulb - and back-up bulb)


July 09 - John Lloyd transferred.
Rodgers, John Thomas, Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


June 05 - John Rogers transferred Miami.
Steerman, Donald Horton, Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


Hillsboro daymark changed. The lighthouse was intentionally painted with lower 3rd white to stand out against vegetation for passing ships. The black was for it to stand out against the blue/cloudy sky. Due to Australian pines obstructing the entirety of the white, the middle section is changed from black to white.


Date Unknown - Donald Steerman transferred to Maine.
Partridge, Donald Wayne, Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


Long time station mascot Beaver passes away. He's so beloved, a memorial is placed under the lighthouse.

Lighthouse is fully automated. All crew except for OIC are reassigned.


Lighthouse lens bulb changed from 1000 watt xenon bulb to 1,000 watt quartz iodine bulb.


April 01 - Donald Partridge retired.
Jacobson, Luther "Jake," Boatswain Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


February 16 - Hillsboro Lighthouse Station placed on Register of Historic Places.

inlet and lighthouse 1970sinlet and lighthouse 1970s

(circa 1970's - aerial view of inlet and lighthouse)

lighthouse 2009lighthouse 2009

(circa Feb. - 2009)


Date Unknown - Jake Jacobson transferred.
Sutton, Michael, B. "Lighthouse Mike", Damage Control 2, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


Date Unknown - Mike Sutton transferred to icebreaker 'Northwind' in Greenland.
Vosburgh, Jerry Stephen, Damage Control 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper). Jerry found a bell in a USCG salvage yard in Jacksonville while on assignment. Knowing his transfer is coming and having done work at Hillsboro previously, he knew the station didn't have a fog bell. He purchased the bell and had it shipped to the Station.


May 28 - Jerry Vosburgh transferred.
Golembeski, Thomas Michael, Chief Quartermaster, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


June 12 - Thomas Golembeski transferred to Guam.
Helms, Mike D., Elec. Mate 1, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


Radio beacon signal discontinued nationwide with GPS made available to non military units. Aerial is removed from grounds.

May 22 - Broken gears forced the lens to be turned off and replaced by a Vega 25 temporary beacon, 28VDC.

July - Mike Helms transferred.
Jesse, Larry G, Damage Control 3, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


400 pounds of mercury removed from original turning mechanism.
CG recommends to scrap the classic lens.


Public pressure allows CG to fund for major renovation to the external part of the tower by sand blasting lead base paint.


Worth Construction of Jacksonville is awarded the contract to remove lead base paint replacing it with Epoxy for a cost of $98,000.


Collins Engineering Co of Chicago is awarded a contract to design a new bearing mechanism to replace the removed mercury function. Also to design interior restoration to its original state.


July 01 - Larry Jesse transferred to Boston lighthouse.
Sparkenbaugh, David Lee, Damage Control 3, assigned as OIC (Keeper).


January 06 - David Sparkenbaugh promoted to Petty Officer 1, transferred to Groton CT to be engineer on training ship 'Eagle.'.
Koger, Roger H., MK2, assigned as OIC (Keeper), transferred September.

December - Makenian, Arthur A., ME USCG-Aux, assigned as lighthouse keeper.
Continued service until March 2002.

Worth Contracting, Jacksonville low bidder awarded contract, but fails to deliver work as described.

November - USCG CEU/ANT/AON/ Allows CG Aux to maintain lighthouse under direction of Art Makenian.

lighthouse 2009lighthouse 2009

(circa 1999 - lighthouse with beach)


January 28 - The Classic lens is back to operation with all new electrical wiring.

February 28 - Newly designed bearing fails. Temp Vega 25 is back on.


April - CG-CEU authorizes the Auxiliary to Design a new bearing and install.

June - Torrington Bearing Co is awarded a contract to manufacture a one piece bearing for $18,000.

July - USCGA completed installation of Torrington bearing and runs tests.

August - Re-lighting ceremony held to celebrate completion classic lens back on line.

heron with lighthouse 2001heron with lighthouse 2001

(circa 2001 - heron with lighthouse)


April - USCG ANT Miami & ANT Fort Lauderdale, assigned as lighthouse keeper.
Continued service until present day.


June 16 - Barefoot Mailman statue replica relocated to Hillsboro Lighthouse Station.

June 16 - U.S. Postal Service (USPS) issues a commemorative Hillsboro Lighthouse stamp.


Excavation around tower base to its original design and new curved sand barrier wall installed.


August - Six years of continuous operation.


December 14 - USCG approves Centennial Brick Patio on lighthouse grounds.


November 19 - Centennial brick patio is dedicated.

December - Inlet dredging is discontinued due to environmental concerns.

beach erosionbeach erosion

(circa 2012 - beach erosion at the lighthouse)


January - May - Lighthouse is re-painted.

lighthouse re-paintedlighthouse re-painted

(circa 2012 - lighthouse during painting)

January - HLPS contracts with Pompano Beach to open lighthouse museum at inlet park.

lighthouse museumlighthouse museum

(circa 2012 - lighthouse museum)

March - Concrete Barefoot Mailman statue is replaced with bronze statue

April - Lighthouse celebrates 105 years of service with dedication of new Barefoot Mailman statue

barefoot mailman dedicationbarefoot mailman dedication

(circa 2012 - barefoot mailman dedication)

June - Months after dredging is stopped, storms expose lighthouse tie-bars, parts of the old dock, oil house bricks, and other artifacts on south beach area - all from the 1940's and earlier.

June 24 - Inlet dredging is resumed after erosion threatens to expose the lighthouse pilings.

artifact salvageartifact salvage

(circa 2012 - recovering artifacts from beach after erosion)


January - USCG releases all maintenance and duties for continued service of the lighthouse to the HLPS.

June - Regular 6 month lens cleaning cycle is resumed by the Herman family (Ken, Laal, and Kit) - approximately 12 years after being discontinued.

lens cleaning before and afterlens cleaning before and after

(circa 2013 - lens cleaning, before and after)

June - Open brick area is place around Barefoot Mailman statue by volunteers.

brick layingbrick laying

(circa 2013 - volunteers after laying brick area around the Barefoot Mailman statue)

December - Old Barefoot Mailman statue is donated to create artificial reef.


22 window panes are replaced in Lantern.


Register of Historic Places sign is installed at entrance to lighthouse.


March 10 - 110th Anniversary of first day of service fundraising gala. The first of it's kind has a dinner, auction, silent auction and live band on the lighthouse grounds.

Replacement of 48 tension rods, turnbuckles and I-bolts on lighthouse legs begins. Several are found to need fabrication of special attachments to center cylinder of lighthouse, delaying completion.


March 02 - 2nd gala is held.

Tension rod replacement completed. Lighthouse is painted.

July 09 - Failure of light results in replacement of xenon bulb to single 1000 watt halogen bulb.

Historically accurate entrance railings are replaced. Materials and labor donated by Skyline Steel.


Lighthouse is painted with Macropocy and Acrolon paints.

March 22 - 3rd lighthouse gala is held.

Upper lantern ladder hook ring is replaced, causing light to be temporarily turned off.


March 13 - 4th gala is held. Covid-19 lockdowns begin in State of Florida March 15. Tours are halted until October.

June 28 - Phase 1 of dock improvements completed.

September 12 - Lantern window re-caulking project begins. Most of existing caulk had turned to dust, allowing excessing rain water to enter. Project continues into December, mostly complete, but due to beginning of dry season work is halted without way to check for missed leaks.

December - Lighthouse lantern parapet railing, observation deck railing and legs decorated with lights for holidays.


January - Search for missing memorial marker leads to removal of 40 years worth of invasive snake grass, excess vegetation and tons of sand from granite groin that extends off lighthouse. Project will take several months. Area designated as a hermit crab restoration area after half dozen found during removal work.

February 15 - Florida DNR Survey Marker found during excavation work.

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